Tagging Files


ownCloud provides via the webinterface the ability to assign one or more tags to files and folders. To do so, go to the "Details" view in the The Overflow Menu and enter the "Tags" tab.

Files popup menu.

There, you’ll see a text field with the placeholder text "Collaborative tags" if no tags have been added yet.

In that field, type the tag’s name. If you want to use multiple words, there is no need to use single or double quotes. Type as many words as you want for the tag name. When you press the return key, your tag will be saved.

All tags are collaborative tags, so they are shared by all users on your ownCloud server.

Creating file tags.

When you place the cursor inside the tags field and as you type the tag name, a list of the collaborative tags will appear. If you type a new tag name, the visible tags list will be filtered based on the text you’ve entered.

If you see a tag in the list which is what you had intended to type or is a better fit than what you had in mind, click on it, and it will be added to the file or folder’s tag list. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

The assigned tags are also visible in the "Details" view under the file name. When you click on a tag, the "Tags" tab will open.

Untag a File or Folder

If a file or folder is already tagged, the tags assigned will have a check mark in the dropdown list, to the left of the tag’s name. To remove that tag from the file or folder, click the tag’s name. You will see that the check mark disappears.

Edit Tags

To edit a tag, click the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the tag’s name in the tags list. This will display a text box containing the tag’s name. Be sure that you want to change the tag’s name since it will be updated for all users.

Delete Tags

To delete a tag, click the trash can icon on the far right-hand side of the tag in the dropdown list. This removes the tag from the collaborative tags list. As with renaming a tag, keep in mind that deleting a tag removes it for all users. So be sure that you want to do this.

Filter by Tag

To filter by tag, use the Tags filter on the left sidebar of the Files page. There are three types of tags:

Tag Description


All users may see, rename, and apply these tags to files and folders


Tags are assignable to and editable by only the users and groups which have permission to use them. Other users can filter files by restricted tags, but cannot tag files with them or rename them. The tags are marked (restricted)


Visible only to ownCloud admins

When you use the Tag filter on your Files page, you’ll see something like the following image. If you do not have Admin rights, you will not see any invisible tags.

Viewing file tags.