WebUI Overview

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You can access your files with the ownCloud Web interface, as well as: create, preview, edit, delete, share, and re-share files.

Your ownCloud administrator has the option to disable these features. If any of them are missing on your system ask your server administrator.

The Files view screen.

File Controls

When you mouseover, or hover over, a file in the Files view, as in the image below, ownCloud displays three file controls. These are:

File controls

Marking Favorites

Click the star to the left of the file icon to mark it as a favorite. You can quickly find all of your favorites with the Favorites filter on the left sidebar.

Marking files as favorites.

Sharing Files

The sharing files control is a shortcut to the file and folder sharing functionality within ownCloud. ownCloud sharing supports:

  • Sharing files and folders with users or groups

  • Creating public link shares with hyperlinks

  • Listing recipients of existing shares

  • Deleting existing shares

The Overflow Menu

The Overflow Menu allows you to:

Overflow menu.

Display File Details

When you display details about a file, by clicking Details in the Overflow Menu, a set of tabs (or views) are available. These are:

View Description


This shows details about a file, such as its name, size, and when it was created or last updated. To know more, refer to the Details section.


This shows a history of activity on the file, such as when it was created, updated, and shared. To know more, refer to the Activity section.


It’s here that shares are managed. To know more, refer to the Sharing Files section.


This shows a history of all the versions of the file. This is not available for folders. To know more, refer to the Version Control section.

You can see an example of the Activity view in the image below.

Details screen

Rename Files

To rename a file, click Rename in the Overflow Menu. The file’s current name will be displayed in an editable text box. Change the name, click Enter, and the file will be renamed. If you don’t want to rename it, click esc and the file name will be left as is.

Download Files

To download a file, click Download in the Overflow Menu.

Delete Files

To delete a file, click Delete in the Overflow Menu.