The Media Viewer App


The Media Viewer app is a lightweight viewer for pictures and videos which integrates with the files app, and is released under the GPLv2. It replaces the gallery and files_videoplayer apps, which have now been deprecated, and supports the same basic feature set as the deprecated apps.

It supports the following functionality:

  • Image: preview, zoom, rotation, and download

  • Video: playback and download

The app will support paginating through all media files in the current directory, even if only one media file was chosen to be previewed.

app overview


  • Support for a large selection of image and video formats (depending on server setup)

  • Fullscreen, zoomable slideshow view integrated with the Files view and Public Links

  • Image rotation

  • Sort images by name or date

  • Image and video download straight from the slideshow

  • Native SVG support

  • Mobile support

Supported File Formats

  • The supported video formats depend on the user’s browser. However, the app supports MP4, Ogg, and WebM.

  • The supported image formats depend on the server capabilities

Use Redis for Files Locking

Using Redis for files locking improves app performance by a factor of 10, when loading an album.

Unsupported File Formats

  • Support for playing Apple QuickTime (*.mov) does not work in Chrome - however it is supported in Safari and Mozilla.