Connecting to SharePoint (Enterprise only)


Native SharePoint support has been added to ownCloud Enterprise Subscription as a secondary storage location for SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. To the user, these appear as normal ownCloud mounts, with bi-directional updates in any ownCloud client: desktop, mobile, or Web.

There is one difference, and that is ownCloud sharing is intentionally disabled for SharePoint mountpoints in order to preserve SharePoint access controls, and to ensure that content is properly accessed as per SharePoint rules. Your ownCloud admin may optionally allow users to mount their own SharePoint libraries.

Accessing SharePoint Folders

When you first log in to ownCloud, the Web interface shows a gray bar behind all SharePoint folders. The gray bar disappears when the mountpoint is verified by the server. If you see a red error bar, you’ll see either an hourglass that indicates a connection error, or a key to indicate that authentication is required.

Your ownCloud admin has the option to configure SharePoint credentials so that you are authenticated automatically, or you may be required to enter your credentials. If you have to enter your credentials, click the red bar and you’ll get a login window. You should only have to do this once, as ownCloud will store your credentials.

If your SharePoint login ever changes, go to your Personal page to update it in the Sharepoint Personal Configuration section.

Personal Page

You can manage your SharePoint connections in the Sharepoint Personal Configuration section of your ownCloud Personal page. You’ll see two sections: the Admin added mount points section lists SharePoint mounts controlled by your ownCloud admin. If users have permissions to mount their own SharePoint libraries you’ll also see a Personal mount points section.

There are two types of authentication available to you. If you have multiple SharePoint libraries that use the same authentication, enter your credentials in Sharepoint Personal Configuration. Then follow these steps to add your libraries:

  • Enter the name of your local mountpoint in the Local Folder Name column.

  • Enter your SharePoint server URL.

  • Click the little refresh icon to the left of the Document Library field. If your credentials and URL are correct you’ll get a dropdown list of SharePoint libraries to choose from.

  • Select the document library you want to mount.

  • Select "Use user credentials".

  • Click the Save button, and you’re done

You may elect to use different authentication credentials for some of your SharePoint libraries. For these, you must first select use custom credentials, and then fill in the mountpoint and SharePoint site URL. Then ownCloud can authenticate you, and you can click the refresh icon to see your libraries. Then select the library you want to mount and click the Save button.