Welcome to ownCloud: your self-hosted file sync and share solution.

ownCloud is an open source file sync and share software for everyone from individuals operating the free ownCloud Server edition, to large enterprises and service providers operating the ownCloud Enterprise Subscription. ownCloud provides a safe, secure, and compliant file synchronization and sharing solution on servers that you control.

You can share one or more files and folders on your computer, and synchronize them with your ownCloud server. Place files in your local shared directories, and those files are immediately synchronized to the server and to other devices using the ownCloud Desktop Sync Client, Android app, or iOS app. To learn more about the ownCloud desktop and mobile clients, please refer to their respective manuals:

This user guide covers the latest ownCloud version and the latest app versions only. This is because there would be too many dependencies and possibilities to cover. If you are using older versions, some items may not be present or look different.