Login Information and Custom Paths

Welcome to the ownCloud Appliance. Here are the login credentials.

username: owncloud
password: owncloud

Log in to the Appliance via command line or SSH with the root account.

username: root
password: <Administrator password>

Log in to the ownCloud docker container with this Univention command:

univention-app shell owncloud

Set ownCloud as the default page instead of the Univention Portal

ucr set apache2/startsite=/owncloud
service apache2 restart

ownCloud’s data directory is under the following path:


ownCloud’s config directory, containing config.php:


File extension blacklist for the Ransomware app:

While you are logged in to the Appliance, you can also use ownCloud’s command-line interface occ. To do so, use this command: univention-app shell owncloud occ plus required parameters. It is not necessary to specify the user the occ command runs with sudo -u www-data here. For more information on occ commands, refer to Using the occ Command.