Creating a Navigation Menu

A navigation menu is, effectively, another template, In our example, we’ll create it in ownnotes/templates/part.navigation.php.

ownCloud defines many handy CSS styles which we are going to reuse to style the navigation. Adjust the file to contain only the following code:

<!-- translation strings -->
<div style="display:none" id="new-note-string"><?php p($l->t('New note')); ?></div>

<script id="navigation-tpl" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
    <li id="new-note"><a href="#"><?php p($l->t('Add note')); ?></a></li>
    {{#each notes}}
        <li class="note with-menu {{#if active}}active{{/if}}"  data-id="{{ id }}">
            <a href="#">{{ title }}</a>
            <div class="app-navigation-entry-utils">
                    <li class="app-navigation-entry-utils-menu-button svg"><button></button></li>

            <div class="app-navigation-entry-menu">
                    <li><button class="delete icon-delete svg" title="delete"></button></li>