General Information

See the App Review description from Apple for more details on reviewing an iOS app.

Cryptography and Export Classification Exemptions

The product does not contain cryptography and does therefore need any export exemptions. Although the iOS app is ready to connect via SSL, this does not imply that the iOS app includes any cryptography.

Utilization of Document Picker and File Provider Extensions

The iOS app takes advantage of the File Provider extensions so that those apps that act as Document Picker may access the ownCloud data, edit it and then changes are automatically uploaded back to the ownCloud instance.

Background Audio


  • What is the purpose of declaring audio background mode? Please explain the need for this background mode and where the usage can be found in your binary.

  • Your app declares support for audio in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plist but did not include features that require persistent audio. The audio key is intended for use by applications that provide audible content to the user while in the background, such as music player or streaming audio applications. Please revise your app to provide audible content to the user while the app is in the background or remove the "audio" setting from the UIBackgroundModes key.


Sometimes, the first time the ownCloud app is submitted, it is rejected because it includes the background mode option. Apple rejected it because in the past some apps used this trick to avoid the app being fully closed. However, the ownCloud app uses it only when music is played. This may be checked by Apple reviewers. What we suggest is to be proactive. Instead of waiting for the app to be rejected because of that, add a line of explanation like: You may notice that the app is ready to play music not only in foreground but also in background. For you to test it, we have uploaded to the test account file xyz.

Background Location


  • Why does your app declare support for location in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plist file although we are unable to locate any features that require persistent location? Apps that declare support for location in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plist file must have features that require persistent location.


In the app settings under "Media Upload" you find the following explanation:

Use background location updates: If you would like background media uploads to be more reliable, you should enable background location updates. Otherwise background media uploads using background refresh technology would depend on how frequently you use the app.

It is also possible to build the app without the location feature using the build.flags.

Content Rights

Does your app contain, display or access third-party content?

If the branded app has the help option enabled, the answer is yes. Within the help, there is access to an external web. Otherwise no.

Advertising Identifier (IDFA)

Does this app use the Advertising Identifier (IDFA)?

No, no ads are used at all.

IPv6 Connectivity


We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on the iPad and the iPhone running iOS 10.2 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network. Specifically, the app does not connect to the server.

Information from Apple: Supporting IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks

Here you can check your server for IPv6 connectivity: http://ipv6-test.com/validate.php

Business questions from Apple

  • Does your app access any paid content or services?

  • What are the paid content or services, and what are the costs?

  • Who pays for the content or services?

  • Where do they pay, and what’s the payment method?

  • If users create an account to use your app, are there fees involved?

  • How do users obtain an account?

This is a standard question Apple has to avoid iTunes circumvention as for some stuff they want the 30% revenue share. See In-App Purchase for more details.