Maintenance Commands


There are commands availabe to maintain the Infinite Scale instance. This document gives an overview of the available commands and links to the related services where they are implemented for more details.

  • Calling a service in the examples is made via the single binary.

  • Generic call:
    ocis <service name> arguments options.

  • This changes if some services are available as executable on their own, then it would be:
    <service name> arguments options.
    This could happen if services are developed which are not shipped as part of the single binary.

Manage Expired Uploads

Compared to unfinished uploads which are handled by the system, managing expired uploads can be a necessity as those files can pile up, blocking storage resources and need to be removed by command regularly. See the Manage Unfinished Uploads section at the Storage Users service for details.

Purge Expired Space Trash-Bin Items

This command is about purging old trash-bin items of project spaces (spaces that have been created manually) and personal spaces. See the Purge Expired Space Trash-Bin Items section at the Storage Users service for details.

In rare circumstances, it can be necessary to initiate indexing manually for a given space or user. Though the search service handles exception cases automatically, it can happen that the search service was not able to complete indexing due to a dirty shut-down of the service or because of a bug. Re-indexing should only be run on explicit request and supervision by ownCloud support. See the Manually Trigger Re-Indexing a Space section at the Search service for details.