Example Setup Using OneLogin


OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management provider. This document describes how to integrate OneLogin as an identity provider (IdP) by configuring OpenID Connect (OIDC). See OneLogin for details about the service.

At the moment, ownCloud clients don’t work with OneLogin as IdP which is a known issue.

Setup and Configuration

The sections below will explain these areas and provide configuration examples using OneLogin as the external Identity Provider.

Configure OneLogin

Follow these steps to configure OneLogin for use with OpenID Connect (OIDC):

  1. Login to OneLogin via your domain login https://<yourdomain>.onelogin.com/admin2.

  2. Go to Applications  Applications to manage the registered applications.

    onelogin select application

  3. Click on Add App in the upper right corner.

  4. Search for openid and select the OpenId Connect (OIDC) app

    onelogin select openid app

  5. Provide a name and configure images if needed.

  6. Hit Save

  7. Go to Configuration and enter values for Login Url which points to you system and the Redirect URI’s, which is the url of you system followed by /index.php/apps/openidconnect/redirect

    onelogin oidc configuration

  8. Go to SSO and note the values for Client ID, Client Secret and Issuer URL for later use.

    onelogin oidc sso

Configure ownCloud Server

These are the generic steps to set up ownCloud Server to work with OpenID Connect, for details see the sections below:

  1. Install the OpenID Connect App.

  2. Configure config.php.

  3. Set up service discovery.

It is recommended to first figure out all configurations on a test system and to bring it to the production system once it’s proven to work. Enabling the OpenID Connect App on the production system should be the last step in this process as it will then advertise OpenID Connect to all clients.

List of OpenID Connect config.php Parameters

Follow this link to read more about the OIDC config.php parameters available to configure OpenID Connect on ownCloud Server.

Example config.php Setup

An example snippet that can be added to config.php is shown below. You need to add both config values as listed below. The example expects that login users have already been created in ownCloud.

Use these links to see the corresponding configuration section for:

'http.cookie.samesite' => 'None',

'openid-connect' => [
    'auto-provision' => ['enabled' => false],
    'provider-url' => 'YOUR-ISSUER-URL',
    'client-id' => 'YOUR-CLIENT-ID',
    'client-secret' => 'YOUR-CLIENT-SECRET',
    'loginButtonName' => 'OneLogin',
    'autoRedirectOnLoginPage' => false,
    'mode' => 'email',
    'scopes' => [],
    'use-access-token-payload-for-user-info' => false,

If you want to let ownCloud create users which are not present during a OIDC authentication, replace
'auto-provision' ⇒ ['enabled' ⇒ false], with:

    'auto-provision' => [
        'enabled' => true,
        'email-claim' => 'email',
        'display-name-claim' => 'name',

Service Discovery Setup

For details see Set Up Service Discovery.