Creating Branded Client Apps


ownBrander is an ownCloud build service that is exclusive to Enterprise customers for creating branded Android and iOS ownCloud sync apps, and branded ownCloud desktop sync clients. You build your apps with the ownBrander app on your account, and within 24-48 hours the completed, customized apps are loaded into your account. You must supply your own artwork, and you’ll find all the specifications and required elements in ownBrander.

ownBrander app button is on the top left of your ownCloud Web GUI

Building a Branded Desktop Sync Client

See Building Branded ownCloud Clients for instructions on building your own branded desktop sync client, and for setting up an automatic update service.

Your users may run both a branded and un-branded desktop sync client side-by-side. Both clients run independently of each other, and do not share account information or files.

Building a Branded iOS App

Building and distributing your branded iOS ownCloud app involves a large number of interdependent steps. The process is detailed in the Building Branded ownCloud Clients manual. Follow these instructions exactly and in order, and you will have a nice branded iOS app that you can distribute to your users.

Building a Branded Android App

Building and distributing your branded Android ownCloud app is fairly simple, and the process is detailed in Building Branded ownCloud Clients.