Using Third Party PHP Components

ownCloud uses some third party PHP components to provide some of its functionality. These components are part of the software package and are contained in the /3rdparty folder.

Managing Third Party Parameters

When using third party components, keep the following parameters in mind:

  • 3rdpartyroot – Specifies the location of the 3rd-party folder. To change the default location of this folder, you can use this parameter to define the absolute file system path to the folder location.

  • 3rdpartyurl – Specifies the http web path to the 3rdpartyroot folder, starting at the ownCloud web root.

An example of what these parameters might look like is as follows:


"3rdpartyroot" => OC::$SERVERROOT."/3rdparty",
"3rdpartyurl"  => "/3rdparty",