There are several deployment options for Infinite Scale available. Consider which one serves your purposes best. Generally speaking, you can decide between using containers or manually set up a regular server.

  • The General Info section summarizes general and important information which is not dependent on the way that you install Infinite Scale. Any setup refers to this general information as prerequisite knowledge.

  • If you only want to play around and see what Infinite Scale has to offer, we suggest the quick and easy Minimal Bare Metal Deployment section.

  • If you have already decided on a container instance with one or more containers, checkout the Container Setup.

  • For a more complex or enterprise setup, consider reading Container Orchestration. This document also covers the use of Kubernetes and Helm Charts.

  • The next steps will likely be mounting a Network File System and managing Services.

  • Securing Infinite Scale should be a primary concern after you’ve set up your server.