ownCloud Web

ownCloud web comes with a completely new design that is more user-friendly and intuitive and, of course, optimized for Infinite Scale.


If you are still running ownCloud 10.x as server, consider installing the Web app, which provides the new look and feel plus some additional features, but not everything ownCloud Web has to offer when used with Infinite Scale. For a quick introduction about what’s new or different, check out the section ownCloud Web on ownCloud Server 10.x.


For readers already familiar with ownCloud 10 and its standard web interface, the big differences in the new ownCloud Web on Infinite Scale are:

  • A different sharing concept has been implemented.

  • Not only files stored on Infinite Scale can be searched now, but also chat messages or the Internet.

  • There’s no longer a difference between sharing with people and sharing by link. In consequence, we no longer distinguish between private and public links.

  • Instead, the new spaces concept provides all these possibilities, but in a different way.