Installation Options


This is an overview about the possible installation options for ownCloud Server. You can install ownCloud Server manually or use a Docker-based installation.

Manual Installation

  • The Detailed Installation Guide is a thorough guide for installing ownCloud, containing all the information needed for the prerequisites, the dependencies, the actual installation and the configuration afterwards. The example installation is based on Ubuntu Server.

    This guide covers Ubuntu server preparations like dependencies, required packages and other necessary components or configurations including Ubuntu upgrades if necessary, descriptions, explanations and easy copy and paste example commands where possible. You will also get directed to other necessary or recommended sections in the documentation to have a well working ownCloud Server base ready for production.

  • The Quick Installation Guide is a quick guide for installing ownCloud. This guide cannot go into details and has its limits by nature. If you experience issues like with dependencies of PHP or other relevant things like the operating system, web server or database, you have to use the Detailed Installation Guide.

Using a Docker-Based Installation

This guide shows you how to install ownCloud with Docker using Docker Compose with a YAML file provided by ownCloud.

Linux Package Manager Installation

While this is not a recommended method installing ownCloud Server, this guide shows you how to use the Linux Package Manager method.