Task Scheduling


Background tasks are scheduled based on the app’s current context, and that context is based on a combination of factors. These factors include:

  • Is the app backgrounded or in the foreground?

  • Is WiFi available?

  • Is the device in Low Power Mode?

  • Is the device connected to external power?

  • Has the photo library changed?


Currently, two tasks are available:

  • Instant photo uploads: This task is triggered when:

    • The photo library has new photos, and;

    • The user is connected to a WiFi network

  • Bookmark update task: This task is triggered by the background fetch event scheduled by iOS

Instant Photo Upload

There are some things to be aware of, regarding Instant Photo Upload.

  • Photo and video upload can be enabled and disabled separately.

  • Before instant media upload can begin, the account and upload path have to be selected

  • Changes in the photo library are detected when the app goes into the foreground.

  • If a user removes the folder specified for instant upload, the upload task silently exits.

  • When a user first activates instant upload, the timestamp of the activation is stored and compared against the creation date of the assets to be uploaded. As soon as one asset is successfully uploaded, its creation timestamp is used to update the instant upload activation timestamp. This:

    • Prevents assets being uploaded twice

    • Removes the need to keep track of uploaded items in a database

    • Please note, that already uploaded and edited asset is not going to be uploaded again

  • Media conversion settings are taken into account by instant upload feature.