iOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about the ownCloud iOS app.


Compatibility With ownCloud Server Older Than Version 10.0

Previous ownCloud iOS app with support for ownCloud Server < 10.0 is still available in App Store.

Compatibility With iOS Versions Older Than iOS 12.0

Previous ownCloud iOS app with support for iOS < 12.0 is still available in App Store.

Login With TOTP and Other 2FA

ownCloud server must have the OAuth2 app installed, configured, and enabled to use Two-Factor Authentication. Please contact your ownCloud administrator for more details.

Feature Requests

FileProvider: Access Full Folder, Not Only Single Files

This seems like a bigger challenge for us. We track the status here:

FileProvider: Support "Recent items" and "Favorites"

To support "Recent items" and "Favorites" in the iOS Files app, implementation of the Working Set is needed. This is one of the next roadmap items, but there’s no ETA yet.

Text Editing Inside the iOS App

Currently this isn’t a planned feature. Focus is more to build the best integration in serious 3rd party text editing app.

Here you can find previous discussions:

Missing Translations or Translation Bugs

You can help translate in your language or fix a bug.

We use Transifex for translations. Please register here for an account and join the global community.

Testing New Features

Use this link to join the beta program on iOS.