How to Contribute to the ownCloud Documentation

ownCloud welcomes all helpful contributions to the documentation, whether they’re reporting issues, adding new material, or writing tips and tricks.

Documentation Prerequisites

If you wish to contribute to the official documentation manuals, you must:

  • Have a GitHub account.

  • Get used to the framework:

  • Fork the official repositories as described below, write your changes and create a pull request.

Documentation Sources

The locations for the sources can be found at:

Reporting Documentation Errors

If you find any errors or omissions, we encourage you to report them. Please follow this template when reporting documentation errors:

  1. First, search the respective repository for matching or similar issues.

  2. If an issue is not available, open a new one in the respective repository.

  3. Link to the error that you want to see fixed. Please be aware that there are multiple release versions of most of the manuals, so please be specific as to which version needs correcting, and if the issue is in the HTML or PDF version.

  4. Quote the particular error.

  5. Provide the correct solution (if you know it) and any links to supporting references. If you don’t know the answer that is OK.

  6. Provide screenshots if they add useful information.

  7. Provide your web browser, its version, and your operating system & version.

Reporting Documentation Suggestions

If you don’t have a specific problem or contribution, but wish to offer a suggestion, open an issue in the appropriate repository.