General Settings

In the general settings, you can do the following:

  • Set:

  • Update your personal data:

  • View:

    • The amount of storage you have used

    • The groups that you are a member of

    • Your federated cloud id

    • The current version of ownCloud

  • Download the desktop, android, and iOS app

Managing Your Profile Picture

profile picture overview annotated

Changing Your Profile Picture

There are two options to set your profile picture:

  • You can upload an image; or

  • Select an existing profile picture

Upload a Profile Picture

To upload an image click the "Upload new" upload profile picture button, which opens a file browser, through which you can choose an image to upload. After you’ve chosen an image, you will then be able to crop the uploaded image, if required, to just the segment of the image that you want to use for your profile picture. You can see an example in the screenshot below.

set profile picture
Figure 1. Crop the new profile picture

When you’re happy with the image, click Choose as profile picture, and the image will be set as your profile picture.

the image can be a maximum of 20MB in size.

Select a Profile Picture

To select a profile picture, click the Select from Files choose profile picture button button and the profile picture chooser will open. From there, pick the profile picture that you want and click Choose.

select profile picture
Figure 2. Choose a new profile picture

Remove Your Profile Picture

To remove a custom profile picture, click the Remove Profile remove profile picture button button. After that, the image will revert to the default image, present when you first logged in.

Update Your Full Name

To update (or change) your full name, amend the existing text in the text box below “Full name”. After a few seconds, your full name will be auto-saved.

auto save fullname
Figure 3. Successfully updated full name

If the full name cannot be changed, you will see a notification, as in the example below.

cannot change fullname
Figure 4. Problem updating full name

Update Your Email Address

To update your email address, change the address in the text box below “Email” and click Set email.

Update Your Password

update password
Figure 5. Update current password.

To change your password, under Password, enter your current password in the first password field (with the placeholder text “Current password”) and your new password in the second password field (with the placeholder text “New password”), and then click Change password.

Password changes automatically log out all connected browsers/devices.

Set the Language

update language
Figure 6. Change profile’s language

To change the language for your user account, pick the desired language from the dropdown under Language. The new language will be auto-saved shortly after you select it.