ownCloud Web on ownCloud Server 10.x

To ease the transition from ownCloud server 10.x to Infinite Scale, we recommend starting to use the new Web UI. ownCloud users will benefit from the following additions and improvements:

  • The most significant change to the basic layout is that the top bar is now instantly recognizable as the main navigation bar. Here you find the app switcher, global search, dark mode and new account menu.

  • On the left, you will find the ’app switcher’, which allows you to switch between different applications in the ownCloud interface, such as files and chat tools. It will also be possible to switch to more apps in the future.

  • In the middle of the top bar is the search bar. The new global search is prepared for searching not only for files, but also for content in other apps like chat messages.

  • On the right side, you can now turn on the new dark mode for ownCloud – an option that many users asked for.

  • On the far right of the top bar is the redesigned account menu, which now also shows the amount of storage space still available (personal quota).

Collapsible Left Sidebar and New Icons

The application-specific navigation is located in the left sidebar as before. The sidebar has been made collapsible by request of many users, so that the area of the application main window can be maximized.

For all icons in the sidebar and the main window, we use a new unified design set. In addition, the filetype icons are color-coded for example, PDF files are red, spreadsheets are green and zip archives are yellow.

Context Menu Accessible via Right Click

The context menu with the most important app functions can now be opened via right click, a usability feature welcomed by many test users. This allows users to perform typical actions even faster, for example, downloading documents or opening documents in the Collabora and OnlyOffice office apps.

Easier Document Sharing

The new Web UI makes sharing content easier. Quick Action icons enable you to open files and folders with a single click. It’s just as easy to invite users as viewers or editors to view or collaborate on documents.

Improved accessibility

We have added new accessibility features to the ownCloud user interface. The new Web UI can be controlled completely via keyboard, offers improved color contrast for better readability, and supports navigation and operation via screen reader. We are thus meeting the requirements of many users in the public sector, such as educational and government institutions.

In addition to these new features, we also optimized a few other features in the frontend design of ownCloud. These include, among others, the rounded windows and the “shimmer effect” while the data of a directory is loaded from the server.