Full Text Search


The search_elastic app integrates full text search into ownCloud, powered by Elasticsearch.


There is only one pre-requisite for the search_elastic app, and that’s a fully functioning Elasticsearch server with the ingest-attachment processor to be present. The ingest-attachment processor lets Elasticsearch extract file attachments in common formats, such as PPT, XLS, and PDF.

To install the processor, from your Elasticsearch installation directory, run the following command:

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment
service elasticsearch restart
Only Elasticsearch version 5.6 is fully supported. Versions 6 and 7 are yet to be supported.

Install and Configure the search_elastic App

To install the search_elastic app:

  1. Download and extract the tarball of the latest release of the search_elastic app to the apps directory (or custom apps directory) of your ownCloud instance.

  2. Use the occ app:enable command to enable the search_elastic application.

  3. Go to Settings  Search (admin) and set the hostname (or IP address) and port of the Elasticsearch server and click "Reset Index".

Configuring Elasticsearch in ownCloud

Configuring Elasticsearch in ownCloud

The index can also be managed from the command-line, via the occ search:index commands. The commands let administrators create, rebuild, reset, and update the search index.

Known Limitations

Currently, there are several known limitations to the app; these are:

  • Files are shown twice in search results when searching by filename.

  • If a shared file is renamed by the sharee (share receiver), the sharee cannot find the file using the new filename.

  • If the search query doesn’t match the start of at least one word in an available file’s name, no results are returned.

  • Search results are not updated when a text file is rolled back to an earlier version.

  • The app does not return results for federated share files.

  • The app only works with the default encryption module "Master Key".