ownCloud Documentation Overview

Getting ownCloud

You can download and install ownCloud on your own Linux server, try some prefab cloud or virtual machine images, or sign up for hosted ownCloud services. See the Get Started page for more information.

Reporting Documentation Bugs & How to Contribute

If you find errors or omissions in any of the manuals, we welcome your bug reports and contributions in fixing them. Please refer to the contributing guide for instructions.


Please see the Maintenance and Release schedule for full release details.

The Administrator, User, and Developer manuals for the current stable release are always at: https://doc.owncloud.com/#current-stable-server-release.

ownCloud X Appliance

The ownCloud X Appliance is a complete virtual machine image running ownCloud X, on Univention Server.

Desktop Client and Mobile Apps

Building Branded ownCloud Clients (Enterprise only)

Instructions for building branded ownCloud iOS, Android, and Desktop Sync clients.

ownCloud Desktop Client

The latest ownCloud Desktop Sync Client release, suitable for production use.

ownCloud Android App

ownCloud iOS App (iOS 11+)

ownCloud iOS App (Legacy)

Older ownCloud Server Releases