Media Viewer App


The Media Viewer App is a simple viewer for pictures and videos integrated into the files app, which supersedes the former Gallery and Video Player apps.

  • Before installing the Media Viewer app, the Gallery and Video Player apps need to be removed, or at the very least disabled. When removing or disabling, ensure that any gallery link shares are redirected.

  • Gallery and Video Player are no longer supported and will not receive any further security or bug fixes.

  • Users are strongly encouraged to switch to Media Player.

Add Support For More Media Types

To add support for additional media types, in addition to the default set, ensure that ImageMagick and its PECL extension are installed and enabled. Next, add new entries to the enabledPreviewProviders in config/config.php.Below, is an example of how to configure it.

'enabledPreviewProviders' => [
Support for playing Apple QuickTime (*.mov) does not work in Chrome - however it is supported in Safari and Mozilla.
Look at the sample configuration (config.sample.php) in your config folder, for more information about this configuration key.