ownCloud Client Releases


ownCloud provides in-depth documentation for three different releases. This in-depth documentations contain an online browser-based and pdf version. You can select the online releases via the release selector in the browser window or by replacing the release name in the URL. If you replace the shown release name with latest in the URL, you will always be directed to the current stable release if the respective page exists. The selectable releases are:

  • The current stable release

  • The last release before the current stable release

  • The next upcoming, but not yet published release

ownCloud also provides a pdf only documentation for older releases if available.

Desktop Client and Mobile Apps

ownCloud Desktop Client

Latest Stable Desktop Release (version 2.10)

The latest ownCloud Desktop Sync Client release, suitable for production use.

Previous Stable Release (version 2.9)

ownCloud iOS App (iOS 11+)

Latest Stable iOS App Release (version 11.9)

The latest ownCloud iOS App release, suitable for production use.

Previous Stable iOS App Release (version 11.8)

ownCloud Android App

Latest Stable Android App Release (version 2.20)

The latest ownCloud Android App release, suitable for production use.

Previous Stable Android App Release (version 2.19)

Building Branded ownCloud Clients (Enterprise only)

Instructions for building branded ownCloud iOS, Android, and Desktop Sync clients.

All documentation licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.