ownCloud Documentation Overview

What is ownCloud Server

ownCloud Server is an open source LAMP-stack-based server application that allows you to access your files from anywhere in a secure way. The files are stored on a server running ownCloud. You can access your files via the browser or sync them to your desktop or mobile device like you might know it from oneDrive, Dropbox or others. The difference with ownCloud is that you stay in control of your data as you can install ownCloud in your own environment.

What is Infinite Scale

Infinite Scale is a cloud-native microservices-based architecture and the latest generation of server applications. It does not depend on external software packages like PHP or a database which eliminates all the hassle that comes along with using them. With its modern architecture, Infinite Scale provides all deployment models for cloud infrastructure deployments and optimized scaling setups for the best output in return for the invested energy. With the single binary concept, managing the server is much more streamlined over all deployment methods.

With all the measures taken, security is greatly increased compared to a LAMP stack. For details read the page about Security Aspects of Infinite Scale.

Amongst many other features, the most notable benefits of ownCloud Infinite Scale are:


Spaces are special folders made for teamwork.

Members of a space enjoy the service of a space manager, who takes care of enough quota and the right people added to a space. Thus a space is the ideal place where school classes, co-workers in business projects or other working groups collaborate. Spaces don’t "belong" to individual people, but are assigned to someone with the role of the space manager. For example, school classes can easily be handed over to the next teacher or organizations can transfer project responsibilities if an employee leaves the organization.

Usually space managers are, for example, project leaders or teachers. All in all, spaces make life easier for admins by giving space managers the ability of self-service.

ownCloud Web

ownCloud Web is bundled with Infinite Scale, has a new design and comes with a brand new look. The goal is to make ownCloud accessible to all people from children to experts. Technically, ownCloud Web is built with VueJS as dedicated client, communicating via well-formed APIs with the Infinite Scale server, just like all the other ownCloud clients. ownCloud Web can be used as app for ownCloud Server but is limited in its capabilities. Nevertheless, switching to ownCloud Web makes a future migration to Infinite Scale easier for users as they are already used to the new UI. ownCloud Web can be customized according to your corporate identity via config values.

Collaborative Editing

Editing with Microsoft Online Office 365, Collabora Office and OnlyOffice

Infinite Scale comes with a ramped-up WOPI protocol server that provides collaborative office document editing with multiple users. It supports Microsoft Online Office 365, Collabora Office and OnlyOffice out of the box and is ready to support more collaborative editors in the near future. With the focus on seamless collaboration, files are locked when opened in an online editor to show others that they are in use and likely to change.

In Infinite Scale, we drastically simplified sharing by links. First of all: You can get a link with a single click in ownCloud Web. Second: You can share one and the same link with internal and external people at once and if you change your mind, you can restrict access for example to only internal people of your organization. This feature was known as "private link" in ownCloud 10 and is still available but via the "internal" selection of a link.

Cloud Native Deployments

Infinite Scale is a platform built of independent microservices that communicate over the highly efficient gRPC protocol internally and provide HTTP APIs externally. That gives the flexibility for easy extension, integration and deployment of the entire platform.

For the sake of efficiency, Infinite Scale reduces dependencies and works without a traditional database. This saves administration efforts, hardware resources, attack vectors and energy.

One of the biggest benefits of Infinite Scale is the variety of deployment models that make the rollout of the platform really easy and independent of the underlying infrastructure as much as possible.

Infinite Scale can be delivered as a single binary - which is a self-contained, complete and ready to start compilation of all microservices that are needed to simply start Infinite Scale. Other featured deployment methods are docker images and docker-compose files. For setups with scaling requirements all Infinite Scale microservices can be deployed and scaled separately on orchestration infrastructure like Kubernetes.

With that, Infinite Scale provides all deployment models for modern cloud infrastructure deployments and optimized scaling setups to achieve the best output in return for the invested energy.

ownCloud Desktop App

Starting with version 3.2, the ownCloud Desktop app is fully compatible with Infinite Scale as well as the recent ownCloud Server.

For Infinite Scale, the new desktop sync app supports the Infinite Scale spaces concept for modern collaboration. Users can select which spaces they are interested in and synchronize these to their desktops. This is supported by a UI where spaces can be selected comfortably, which results in individual and efficient sync connections for each space.

The new desktop app also comes with many performance improvements as well as improvements for Windows VFS, improved log file generation and a large number of other bug fixes.

ownCloud Android App

Starting with the new Android app version 4.0, users get full support for Infinite Scale spaces as well as the recent ownCloud Server. Users have comfortable access to the collaboration spaces in all their accounts on their mobile devices. The list of spaces available is dynamically retrieved from the Infinite Scale server and listed along with the cover image and description.

The Android app is an example of how efficient data management works on the mobile platform with Infinite Scale.

Notes on Native Client Spaces Support

On the iOS platform, the team is preparing the 12.0 release which will fully support spaces. It is available in our public TestFlight beta program.

Infinite Scale Features

Category Component Comment


Local (POSIX)

“ocis” driver (“decomposedfs”), the default filesystem for Infinite Scale


“ocis” driver (“decomposedfs”), the default filesystem for Infinite Scale


“s3ng” driver; with decomposedfs for metadata (POSIX)

ownCloud 10 SQL storage driver

Needed for parallel deployments with ownCloud 10 and for migration purposes

Users & IDM

Integrated, lightweight user & group management (LibreIDM)

Out-of-the-box integrated user & group management; can be replaced with external LDAP

OIDC (LibreConnect)

OpenID Connect for user authentication and single sign-on based on an integrated identity provider; can be replaced with external identity providers

User roles system

Define user roles based on permissions to create a segregation of duties in administration as well as to distinguish user types

LDAP integration

Integrate an external LDAP/AD user directory

Content Collaboration

File management (upload / download / rename / copy / move / delete / etc.)

Ability for users to conduct basic file and folder operations as well as synchronization with clients

Sharing / access management (permissions on data)

Ability for users to share files and folders with users, groups and via links


User-independent project and team folders with multiple owners and dedicated behavior

Deleted files / trash bin

Ability for users to restore deleted files

File versioning

Ability for users to automatically create versions upon file changes and to restore them

Media viewer (preview)

Ability for users to preview images, videos and music files in the browser

File locking

Ability for users to lock files to prevent concurrent edits

Archive download for multiple files and folders

Ability for users to download multiple files and folders as archives


User settings

Framework for users to define their settings like web UI language


Framework to inform users about events in the platform; email notification for the event “Share received”

File search

Global search by file name, filter current folder by file name

File metadata management framework

Store and retrieve arbitrary metadata related to files

Event system

Framework to enable cross-service communication based on events


Web branding (runtime branding based on config values)

Customize the ownCloud Web frontend according to your corporate identity

API & Integration


API for file operations; API endpoints known from ownCloud 10


Open Collaboration Services, ownCloud-specific API endpoints known from ownCloud 10


Open implementation of the MS Graph API, currently used for the management of spaces

Administration & Operations

Technical service metrics

Load, memory usage, etc. per Infinite Scale service


Technical log for operations and debugging


Ability to log all operations conducted by users for compliance and traceability


Single binary

The simplest way to deploy Infinite Scale for testing


Deploy Infinite Scale as a systemd service


Deploy Infinite Scale using Docker and Docker-Compose

Helm / Kubernetes

Deploy Infinite Scale in Kubernetes

Web Office Integrations

Collabora Online

Collabora Online can be integrated via the wopiserver extension; automatic file locking capabilities are available


ONLYOFFICE can be integrated via the wopiserver extension; automatic file locking capabilities are available

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online can be integrated via the wopiserver extension; automatic file locking capabilities are available