Building a Branded Desktop Sync Client

To build a branded Desktop sync client you need to supply your own artwork, and use the ownBrander wizard in your account on The ownBrander wizard details the required image specifications.

Start with the Common section at the top, and enter information common to all clients that you can build with ownBrander. You may override any settings in the Common section in the client sections.

Then go to the Desktop client section of ownBrander, which has two sections, Required and Optional.

ownBrander screen for desktop client.

Work your way through the wizard, entering required elements and any optional elements you wish. When you have completed the wizard, press the Generate Desktop Client button. You will either get messages warning you of any items that need to be corrected, or a success message:

It takes 24-48 hours to build your client, and then you’ll see it in your account on